Trouble upgrading my new pc

I recently purchased a new pc which is an HP with an A6 3650 cpu / 6530d apu. I'm playing SWTOR and the performance doesnt live up to my expectations, though it runs OK on low settings.

So... I purchased a Radeon HD 6670 to upgrade my graphics performance. I've installed the new gpu and it works... but performance seems to actually be LOWER than with just the apu - it gives better detail and texturing but lower fps.

When I set the Vision Center to Crossfire mode, things are even worse than the 6670 alone! This makes me suspect that Crossfire is not working properly. So I watched a vid on youtube that explains you need to make sure the bios settings are set to "init" first the apu, before installing the gpu. I tried to do this, but when I try to access my bios (f10 when booting) I am taken to the "Hp setup menu", or some such, and there are no advanced bios settings to be seen.

So as you can see I have a bunch of problems. I'm also not sure if my standard 350w psu is sufficient - maybe thats why graphics are worse with the 6670? IDK!!

So, questions involved seem to be as follows:

1) did I go too cheap and get a crappy card or do i just need the crossfire to work?

2) should I really need to access my bios settings to setup crossfire between my 6530d and my hd 6670? and if so, why cant I access my advanced bios settings to do so?

3) do I need to upgrade my psu for better performance?

Thanks in advance, I know I'm long winded on this one, but maybe it'll be a challenge. Help!
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  1. I don't have a lot of details about the HP configuration, but generally speaking:

    Yes a bigger PS might be needed...
    And using a large hard drive (like 1 TB) can be a real slow down also...the OS should be on a separate small fast hard drive...
    One thing is to make sure that the priority of the game is highest; there maybe other processes running that have priority over the game.
    Including for instance security programs and antivirus. The latest of which have gaming modes.
    If there is not a gaming mode on the security try turning it OFF. Now test it with the security turned off. Multiple mismatched security programs can cause conflicts.
    “Free” security downloaded from the internet can cause lots of problems…

    Another good thing is to eliminate as many unused / junk / UN-needed applications.
    Try to get rid of resource hog, un needed / unnecessary applications.
    turn off the screen saver
    Go into the power profiles,
    set standby, hibernate and sleep to OFF
    leave the monitor standby ON, that's OK (maybe not, try OFF)
    Set the Hard Drive standby to NEVER
    Set system Performance to MAXIMUM, not "quiet mode."

    Open the bios set up and make sure "cool and quiet" is OFF. (AMD)
    There may be a performance setting in the bios setup you have...make sure it's cranked up to max.
    in the bios, see that the allocation for video, if available, is maxed.

    Now open the hardware manager profiles...
    click start
    click computer
    click system properties
    click device manager
    double click on mice and other pointing devices
    right click on HID compliant mouse
    left click on properties
    click on the power management tab
    UN-check the box that says: "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." (there is now NO check mark in this box)
    click OK

    Now repeat this procedure for all mice, monitors, keyboards, and ALL USB ports on the device manager list.

    You must open ALL the devices one at a time, as above, and turn off the power saver, for each device.
  2. How do I set the priority of the game higher? Will that be an option in Task Manager?

    I have already eliminated as many superflous programs as possible other than graphics and cpu over clocking stuff.

    Open the bios set up and make sure "cool and quiet" is OFF. (AMD)
    There may be a performance setting in the bios setup you have...make sure it's cranked up to max.
    in the bios, see that the allocation for video, if available, is maxed.

    This involves going into bios, and as I mentioned, I cant access a 'real' bios menu. Wish i could get screenshot to show you. It looks like it should be bios, but there are no options to make any real changes other than boot order. Any more info on how to access my bios?
  3. UPDATE:

    I overclocked the cpu and the gpu slightly and found an in-game graphics setup that minimizes the choppiness issue while giving me decent character detail, though the world is not very well textured. Basically, I can live with it.

    Its still not much better than the computer stock though, so I would like to know if anyone can help me with the crossfire issue or tell me if I just paid too much for a cheap low performance card. Everything I've read so far indicates that my graphics card should be doing way better than it is.

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