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Having Some Computer Problems

December 26, 2012 4:20:48 PM

I am currently operating a computer that I built for myself about 3 years ago. I dont remember the exact specs but the computer worked fine for several years. Recently my computer started having issues booting up. At first it was slow or would require several power up attempts before being able to read the disk and start up. Then it failed to recognize the hard drive. I reinstalled windows on the harddrive and that seemed to fix the problem for about a week. The computer then failed to recognize the harddrive again and refused to boot. I bought a new harddrive thinking that my old one had failed did a fresh windows install and thigns worked great again for about 2 weeks. Last night when I attempted to start up the machine again it failed to boot. It appeas to be stuck as if its in the process but nothing happens. Before replacing the harddrive it told me it did not detect a drive, this time it just doesnt do anything.

I am not sure what to do at this point. Although the machine is 3 years old it has an updated graphics card and memory (done about 1 year ago) and now a new harddrive. The only thing i could think of doing is replacing the cpu and motherboard. The motherboard was a top of the line asus 3 years ago and has its own startup screen that will allow you to access games and internet and a few other things without loading windows, and the motherboard screen still pops up when starting.

Any ideas? Id like to take it in for repairs but im a little strapped for cash and its about $180 for a diagnostic. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Could this be a problem with my CPU or Motherboard?

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