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So i decieded to get this video card for my zalman z9plus case. i want to know if i have to unplug my old video card cable and then replug the new ones or if i can just use the old cables because cyberpower already wired everything nicely.
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  1. Any body know the answer?
  2. not sure, but a new video card should have new cables to hook it up.
    couple zipties and it should look good as new.

    guess it depends on what kind of plug (6 pin, 8 pin, 6 & 8 pin) your new video card needs. and if your old card already has the same plug application.

    maybe someone else knows more though.
  3. I have a radeon 6670 now and the new one im getting is a 6pin. i dont want to messup the wiring while installing the new card.
  4. anybody else know the answer?
  5. itzzoscar said:
    Any body know the answer?

    itzzoscar said:
    anybody else know the answer?


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