Pc boots up beep etc everything on but no picture?!?

As title says really tested on a couple of screens too can anyone help?? What's the problem? I have a gtx 560 se graphics card in tried these ports an mother board ones too :/ thanks
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  1. Okay so just removed both power supplies from the plait gtx 560 se card and pluged normal VGA lead in and has came on straight away is this because I need to set up video card up after initial set up ?
  2. I'm still having problems with this if anyone can help?? I've used a normal monitor set everything up re plugged the gtx 560 card installed drivers a d on monitor it works fine .. Plug it into my tv does t show anything... If in the monitor and tv got it working even though picture wasn't the best but can fiddle with this ... Fully get TV set up unit normal monitor to goto single tv screen... Goes off on the TV too what's going on?? Thanks ps I've used both hdmi to hdmi and hdmi to VGA on TV too try and figure out ...
  3. this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache
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