Hey guys, please im at the end of my wits trying to figure this out. I used to have a wide-screen monitor and had my display settings set as such. I sold the monitor, and got a older one to replace it. The problem is the old monitor still displays the resolution of the widescreen monitor, and everything i've done to change it has done nothing. Each resolution change just brings a different resolution to the same widescreen that i do not have.

I'm basically missing the start bar, and about a 8th of the screen, so on a standard windows 7 desktop, none of my items (recycle bin, IE, My Computer, etc. etc.) can be seen. Basically the resolution is frozen to that of a widescreen monitor, and it displays as so on my regular monitor.

Please help! PLEASE!

I have a very important SCII tournerment comming up and i need the practice.
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  1. try unplug and replug the monitor while the computer is running. That might help windows 7 to see the monitor got changes.
    By the way, what your GPU and monitor make & model?
  2. the monitor you had was using driver to work did you load the driver for that old monitor you use now ?
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