How to install mac os for AMD Turion X2 RM-70

can mac OS be installed on AMID Turin X2 RM70 processor
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  1. yes it very well for and then get urself a copy of iatkos.... read a bit more...i would advise you get urself a valid licensed copy of snowleopard (very cheap) and then proceed..

    just remmeber u have u will always have to use a patched kernel (no sweat).... thats because macs dont support or use AMD ...but it will work and it will work very well..... good luck..... :)
  2. whatever happened to stig... i dont bbc here in india no more ...coz its a british channel and most likely they will air something christian.....according to fanatics here in india...

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  3. i have an xfx nforce 630i, will it be supported?
  4. search with your card model....that will help you know about it...

    well seems from the look of it.... it is actually supported...... go ahead give it a shot
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