Bought a MSI 7950 and.......

Hello all. Few weeks ago i asked for you guys to help with picking out a graphics card. i bought a gtx 650 and wasnt satisfied. i returned it. ended up forking out the money and buying a MSI R7950 twin frozr.

this card seems to be awesome. playing games perfectly fine. (as fine as i can be with an AMD II x4 630) and should last quite a long time.

so Thank you to everyone who helped me out..

One more thing though. after installing the drivers for my 7950, i restarted my comp as prompted. Upon restarting, a message popped up saying something like
"start setup"

i thought this was trying to install my drivers again so i closed the window. i later figured (i THINK) it was trying to setup the program for looking at graphic specs, over clocking, showing temp and speeds...

So my question is-

Do i need to install a program to look at my graphic specs? (for OCing etc.) or is it already on my comp somewhere i just need to find it.

Thanks again.
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  1. Look for Afterburner and Kombuster. Otherwise install them if you plan to overclock.
  2. Thank you.
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