MSI 7870 OC temps

I OCed my MSI 7870 to 1250/1400 @ 1.299V and after doing 3d mark 11 on performance it's max temp it hits is 63c. Is this a good temp for the card?
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  1. Your temps are fine keep it below 70C and your golden imo.
  2. After upgrading to a new case it hts 58c max now. The case is Zlman z1 performance I think. It has two small fans that cool the HDD compartment, 120 in front, 120, rear, and 1 120 on top. It has the mount to add a second 120 on top and one on the bottom. Luckily my Corsair TX-750 Enthusiast series 2 PSU's cables are long enough to be routed behind the motherboard. Heck the case even has a SSD mount behind the motherboard. The case has two rubber holes in the back for water cooling.

    Is there anyway to push the 7870 past 1250 and the 1.3v max?
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