Are glue and Bicarbonate strong enough for a videocard fan?

:hello: community.
Yesterday I accidentally broke one of my fan blades of my videocard, my videocard is a GTS 450, the fan still spins but it vibrates, so i'd like to know if glue (cyanoacrylate) and Bicarbonate can fix it? or should I leave the fan like that, anyway the temperature is fine 30º in idle and playing 45º 47º so...yeah I have no money to buy a new fan. :( thanks for reading ^^
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  1. its going to whine once its glued and will be off balance which could lead to a multitude of issues down the line. It might hold for a bit or forever but you will have a weight balance issue
  2. Super glue does work, It depends on the type of plastic. Done it myself a few times.
    Don`t put too much on though, as said it may cause an un balance an vibration.
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