GTX 570 HD and 3 monitors

I am planning to build a new PC , i am looking at (ASUS P8Z77-V PRO) and GeForce GTX 570 HD Fermi
now my issue is, I will have 2 monitors which i will use for working on and i want to connect the PC to my TV to watch vidoes etc on it.
My understand is GTX 570 can only do 2 displays, but since the MB has a HDMI can i use that for my TV and GTX 570 for photoshop and rendering etc. ?

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  1. no. It will lag. the screen will lag sometimes.
  2. get something like a 580. it will reduce the stress on the gpu.
  3. hmm, what do you suggest i do? i really like to stick with nVidia cards since Premier Pro doesnt work with AMD and Open Gl. and SLI is over my budget :( i guess i got no option !
  4. no... Stick with amd. You see, Amd runs on unified shaders and nvidia uses cuda cores. This is why amd has more shader cores than nvidia cuda cores. Which makes Multi monitor setups efficient. another thing is that they has more ram.

    If you have no choice get the gtx 570. If you can, get a version with more ram.
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