First build - LoL streaming buylist help

Hi! This is my first build and I'd like to spend between 700-900 on a gaming rig desktop.

Most importantly It needs to be able to play League of Legends at max settings since I'll be playing that game daily, but it should also be able to play portal 2 and the sims 3.

Secondly in importance, the rig needs to be capable of livestreaming on I'll be multitasking and having a few programs open at a time, itunes, league of legends, xsplit (the streaming program) and lolreplay (a league recorder). So I'd like it to be able to multi task very well-- memory?

It would also be great if the rig was future proofed because i'm not planning on building another new computer for a long time. However I might be interested in upgrading components such as the processor.

Sturdy good (pretty) casing would be cool.

I'm at a college on an ethernet cable but every once in awhile the wire stops working so I'd like a compatible wireless card, but it doesn't need to be top of the line.

Items I already have are as follows:

monitor: [url=]NewEgg Hanns-G HL248DpB monitor

mouse: [url=]Razer Deathadder Mouse

and a gaming keyboard that I don't remember the model number on.

I will also need to buy a copy of windows 7 within my budget.

Thanks for reading and in advance for your help! I really appreciate it.
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  1. oh I forgot to add, I'd like to buy all components online

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