Some things disapeard from my HD after powerfailur

That's right... I was sitting and doing a bit of programming when my computer (and all lights) suddelny died... the power went back on a few minutes later. I started my computer... it found both HDs... everything seemed to be alright... but then it starts prompting that some files can't be found... it won't load windows.. cause the "windows" folder isn't anymore! I can browse around my HD and open other folders and load TXT files and stuff from DOS, but the "windows" folder is completly gone! I ran a scandisk from a boot disk and it states that it is nothing wrong with my systemdrive... WHAT has happend and what should I do?

Eagerly awaiting some respons
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  1. Just out of curiosity, what OS are you using? Sounds like you're SOL unless you have a backup. Maybe someone else more knowledgable can help.

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  2. this is why you should backup backup backup.

    i'd keep playing with it for a little while and see if it pops up again. for all that data to suddenly dissappear is nuts.

    What is your operating system?

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  3. On that computer (which I rarley use, my mother and father uses it most of the time) I have (or maybe I should say "Had" =) W98, and the HD is a FAT32 formated...
  4. I hope you had surge protection. If you cannot find the windows directroy you will have to reinstall windows. :frown:

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  5. Nope... I didn't... I have surge protection on my computer, the one I use, but not on that one. Anyways, Thank you for your advice (?), but I didn't have the patience to wait anymore... So I just made a reinstall of windows ;) hehe... But I have lost some HD space... pretty wierd... anyways thanx!
  6. maybe the hard drive is on the way to "file 13", aka, the trash...
    if you are loosing space, something is going on...that is not good.
    did you do fdisk?
    or format it at all?
    you might have lost a few sectors.
    and would need to do a low level format to fix it.
    run some diagnostics on the drive...from the manufacturer.


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