GTX 560 SE, HD 7770, GTX 650 TI, which one?

these videocards (GTX 560 SE, HD 7770, GTX 650 TI) have been priced around the same price range where I live. Which one should I get for a 1080p medium-high gaming? GTX 560SE has 192bit memory, so people often say it's good for 1080p, but 7770 and 650Ti have newer technology. Holding to that note, would a 6850 or 6870 be an even better idea, since their prices might drop?
Thanks a lot.
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    I'd personally go for the 650 ti but generally the 7770 is just as good and cheaper. The 6870 is slightly faster than either so if it is for the right price I could see buying one.
    The 560 se is something you don't want to own. It's terribly inefficient, worse than a 7770, and generally just as expensive if not more.
  2. GTX 650 ti > HD 7770 > GTX 560 SE
  3. Ironslice said:
    GTX 650 ti > HD 7770 > GTX 560 SE
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