Windows xp x32-> windows 8 x64 ?

Hello smart people!

So, I found a license of windows xp and I want to upgrade it to windows 8 PRO for 39.99$ as It is available at microsoft website. And the only problem what I see here is bits of OS. Windows XP OS ussually have 32-bits but I want to have 64-bit Windows 8. because as I read in website, I need to buy windows 8 disc which costs much more than 39.99$.

And my question is Am I able to upgrade somehow windows x32 to windows 8 PRO x64 for 39.99$ legally ?

P.S. Merry Christmas! :)

P.P.S. I don't know why, but I am not able to post Question in windows 8 category.
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  1. According to the website it is a $39.99 upgrade if you download it and $69.99 if you need the physical disks. I don't see what your question is as you can upgrade your XP as long as it has SP3 installed to Windows 8 Pro.
  2. The most important part in my question is bits of OS. Because as I have read in microsoft site If I upgrade 32-bit windows (XP, Vista, 7) to new windows 8, It stays for a 32-bit and I can't do anything with It unless I buy a Cd with what I can change 32-bit system to 64-bit system.
  3. Where did you read that? I did not see it so I'm just asking. If those are the rules... those are the rules.
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