What to upgrade next?

Hello I'm trying to figure out what to upgrade next on my computer. My friends all think I'm nuts for wanting to still upgrade because my computer is set up pretty well but I enjoy upgrading it lol it's like my hobby so ill give you my specs and see what you guys think. My upgrades if like to keep in a $500 limit.

Mobo Asrock z77 extreme 4

Power supply: corsair 650 tx v2

CPU: i5 3570k

Storage: 1tb wd black and a 500gb hitachi both 7200 rpm. I do not have a SSD just because I hate dealing with drives haha

Gpu: single Evga Gtx 670 ftw. I have thought about getting another to sli

Case: CM storm trooper full tower

Mouse and keyboard are both fine.

I'd probably think a another 670 would be a good idea or a SSD but I really for some reason struggle with dealing with hard drives I have no clue how to make a SSD just boot my os I know that's sad to say haha any thoughts on my next upgrade would be great thanks :)
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  1. I suggest an SSD. I would go for a 240/256GB size. You treat it just like a regular hard drive. The only thing you have to remember is they are smaller in size. There are also a few good guides out there to help cut down the space the OS uses for page files, and system recovery and what not, but as far as using it, just use it like any hard drive.

    I upgraded to an Intel 240GB 330 drive several months ago and never looked back. It just makes everything faster. When I have a windows update I just apply it and reboot, since it takes about 15-20 seconds to reboot my system now. The BIOS screen takes longer to get through than the Windows startup.

    The rest of your system seems setup for any games you want to throw at it.
  2. SSD, though I'd just go with a 128GB drive.

    Then a 120Hz monitor, perhaps?
  3. sorry, I gotta post this cause it's an awesome case.
  4. DarkSable said:
    SSD, though I'd just go with a 128GB drive.

    Then a 120Hz monitor, perhaps?

    I think I'm good on monitor :)
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    Hi there you have a decent mid high end gaming rig.In order to turn it into a high end gaming beast!The first thing i do get a better motherboard unless your actualy happy with it, keep it to each his/her own! 2.Get another card for sli 3. Nowadays, I think every PC should include an SSD period. They’re waaaaaaaaay faster and they draw less energy, but unfortunately they do cost a significant amount more than a traditional hard drive.

    Those who have some extra budget laying around, I’d definitely suggest going with a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro or 256GB Samsung 840 Pro in combination with a 1TB Seagate Barracuda. This will allow for plenty of hard drive space for storage while OS and application files may be placed on the SSD for that extra top notch performance.
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