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Disabled Integrated Graphics Please Help!

Ok so I need help ASAP I was not sure if my computer was defaulting to my integrated graphics on my CPU (since it is 2gb and my graphics card is 1gb) so I ended up disabling the integrated graphics on the CPU and in a second or so my screen went black so I kind of panicked. I then tried restarting my computer and still black the whole time I could hear the start up sound but couldn't see anything. Btw I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. Sorry about anything I missed in this post since I have looked at these forums before but I made this account just to ask about this.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. Did you swap your connecton from your monitor to the other VGA socket? I bet you forgot, i've done the same myself.
  2. unplug the computer and find the reset CMOS jumper/button on your motherboard to reset the CMOS to default configuration which will enable the onboard video. if you can't find that then just removed the CMOS battery for a few minutes.

    plug the computer back in and reboot.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. Kkkk1 No I didn't switch it to any socket I am not really sure what you mean? What is the VGA socket? Looniam where can I find the CMOS jumper/button on the computer? Thanks for the responses guys much appreciated.
  4. you would need to refer to the manual where it is at, what one do you have? if you can't find it, just remove the battery, same thing.

    i think kkk1 asks if you switched the cable from the monitor to the graphics card . . .
  5. Looniam, if you are talking about the case I have a Corsair Carbide Series 400r, if your talking about the graphics card I have a Sapphire 7770 OC edition. What do you mean by plug it into the graphics card? Thanks.
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    that you switched from plugging the monitor to the motherboard to the 7770.

  7. Oh yes ok I see what you mean I will try it, I hope that works I will post a reply when I try. Thanks for that, btw did you actually draw that picture? Just curious. Thanks.
  8. i googled it. :lol:
  9. I was just wondering because it looks suspiciously like the back of my computer with the card in the same place etc. :p
  10. most motherboards have the x16 slot first; more recent have a x1 slot first then the x16
  11. he's confused enough. let's not overdo it. by the way, I drew that picture............. LOL
  12. Thank you SO much for that it worked perfectly and it also made my computer use that 7770 it's all faster tested Skyrim and it just put it to ultra high :D. Thanks everyone for the quick responses and for being so helpful. :)
  13. glad you got it sorted!
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