What GPU I can upgrade to ?

My system Sony Vaio VGN FZ-35 GN is 4 years old and its Nvidia GF 8400M GT stopped working at a sudden and its GPU is not avialable in the market for the Repair. I wanna know if I can replace or Upgrade it with any other Nvidia GPU.

It has Mobile Intel PM965 Express Chipset, 800MHz System Bus, 667MHz Memory Bus, 3MB Cache memory
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  1. sense it is a laptop i would say no .. short of going on ebay and looking for the particular motherboard for your laptop and then gutting it and replacing the whole thing .. unless you can get a good deal i would say that you would be better off getting another laptop...
  2. now with some of the newer laptops with the thunderbolt / light peak port on them you can get external solutions .. but they are rather costly and still newish to the market. your better off just buying a newer intel / amd APU setup or something with dedicated graphics keep in mind that with laptop versions the gpu in a laptop version is typically much slower then the desktop card .. for instance like a 7970 in a laptop would be the same as a 7870 7850 ..
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