How do I extend modem's internet connection to new router?

I have a broadband connection through a TV cable connection to a ISP provided modem/wireless box. I have a wireless network set up already from this box. I wanted to extend the wireless network to a hard to reach area so i bought a seperate router (d-Link DIR-615 revE3).

I connected one of the 4 LAN outputs from the modem to the router's "Internet" input. Windows 7 detected the new router's wireless network and guided me through setting up a name and password for it. However there is actualy no internet access on this network even though it's directly connected to the modem.

I was thinking that i wanted to just extend the original wireless network but a new network is fine if only it would use the internet from its LAN connection... a desktop computer has connected from the same LAN output of the modem without any security and been able to access the internet from it.

thanks for any help
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