My Pc Restarts Under Heavy Loads

Hello im jonny and the problem i having is that my pc turns off by itself when playing games or getting heavy loads. I bought the pc of Vibox and these are the specs.

CPU : AMD FX 4100 4.0ghz(oc) and the temps are around 40degrees.
GPU : HD 6450 1gb (no fan) im upgrading this and i dont know this temp
PSU : winpower ad-e500ae-a5/a6 500w
RAM : 16gb
HDD : 1tb

When i load it up it works fine but when i open minecraft it works because minecraft isnt really a cpu demanding game. But if i goto record my minecraft it restarts by itself. Likewise in ARMA : 2 the settings are on low and res 1366x768. It will run for about 3 mins then restart. The screen goes blank and restarts automatically. The pc doesn't actually turn off as the CPU fan and other things are still running and leds are still on. I watched my cpu temps while i played arma 2 and they went to like 47degrees so i doubt its the cpu overheating. Can anyone help me please?
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  1. Guys i really need these fixed im banging my head of the wall trying to get it fixed
  2. sounds like a cheap power supply and the system not holding. i would see if a friend had a spare power supply you can test with. start with hardware watch your temps and ps output. run memtest for the ram. use the unreal test to see if your gpu.
  3. I know its cheap but why would it not hold it is 500w which is more than what i need?
  4. Im pretty sure it is a PSU issue. Try another 1, and see if that works. It could be ram or GPU, but that is unlikely...
  5. Just because a PSU says 500w doesn't mean it actually is 500w, especially when it's very cheap.
  6. Apparently this pc was tested though and worked fine.
  7. jonnymc said:
    Apparently this pc was tested though and worked fine.

    Did you mean to say PSU? If so, who tested it, and when? And even if that's true, bad manufacturers produce units that more likely to fail, meaning that even if your unit worked fine for a while, it is more likely to fail than one from a reliable builder.

    If you meant PC, again I have to ask who tested it and when.
  8. Well i said PC and i bought it of Vibos's Ebay Account. It was good and cheap and had over 364 sold. It looked good so i bought it. It came with the sheet what showed all the tests. It passed all the tests even 3d graphics and had no problems. When i loaded it up the day i got it i had the leds on at the front and it started restarting just downloading things on steam. I turned the front leds off and then tried it and it didnt restart. It only restarted when i played games. I changed some minidump things what showed me the error and the BSOD says The system encountered an uncorrectable hardware error. STOP : 0x000000124. Thats the error what comes up when it reboots. I rang vibox and they told me to download WhoChrashed and email them the error files. So i done that and im still waiting for a response. Its now getting worse and crashing more frequently on minecraft. Ive moniterd the temps and they all seem to be around 30-40 degress which is reasnble and the gpu seems to be running around like 70 degrees but it doesnt have a fan because its like 21quid. I think its a bad over clock im not to sure. Im not going to reset the overclock until i get from vibox because if i reset the overclock i might lose my warranty. Ill probably have to send it back and they'll give me a new one what hopefully will work. If you know how to work this out ill take a pic of my bios and my EasyTune program which monitors the temps.
  9. I fixed the crashing problem. I reset my overclock and everything seems to work fine. But theres one problem. When i play games i hear the overheating sound. Ive added a extra fan. What should my max temp be for a 3.6ghz AMD FX 4100. Is running around 29degrees idle but when i game it goes around 50 60degrees what should i set my max temp to for gaming?
  10. look online on amd web page for the max rated temp for your cpu. then set the bios warning for 10 deg cooler.
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