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Eyefinity setup for an old guy who was once a cool geek

I'm old guy and now spend more time watching nursery rhymes (with my kids) and my stocks tank than gaming. Then I came across Eyefinity on this forum (was my homepage 10 years ago) and got hooked.

Ive decided to get my mojo back and get a new system (somewhere between budget and performance). Usage light gaming (i still paly UT 99 - I'm that old!) - mainly the cool factor (I still have a few younger friends). :kaola:

I was recomended to get a i3 2120, intel 61WW, 8 GB, Seagate 7200 rpm. The dude had no clue what an eyefinity was so cant take his recomendation for a Video Card.
I read that 1 EVA geforce GT 610 (with 2 DVis) should suffice. Any other recomendations?

I already have a Samsung P2250 monitor so ideally would like to get 2 more of the same (unless you'll dont recommend that). I'm unsure if P2250 even comes with a DVI...

I also read that perhaps a 128 MB SSD drive would help speed up system files and a good add if I dont want to upgrade again for a while.

Tx for ur help in advance!
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  1. The GT610 is not the card that I would recommend. Eyefinity is also a Radeon thing. I think the cheapest card that supports it is a 6670 or a sort.
  2. What's your budget?
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    Be advised that, although Eyefinity is awesome, it is not exactly the most user-friendly of technologies. There are a lot of things to consider. You will need at least one active DP adapter (if using DVI) and a lot of old games do not work at those huge resolutions at all. In fact, even now, new games that are coming out STILL do not have native multi-monitor/ultra-widescreen support natively meaning they still need to be configured and such.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Multi-monitor technologies like Eyefinity (I own an Eyefinity setup using the rig in my sig) but it is just not user friendly and therefore it is not for someone who wants to have a quick go at it expecting it to be easy to setup.

    Also, I know you stated that you are playing old games, but a GT 610 could have trouble at multi-mon resolutions even with old games since its a card that is not intended for gaming really. Intel's integrated graphics would probably be nearly better lol
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