7970 , universal waterblock, still getting high temps

so i have an Asus 7970, and i recently watercooled it, and after reapplying thermal paste ( cleaned it with the 90% alco) im getting idle temps of like 57C and full load temps 87 C, now it is only a universal, water block, but still shouldnt this be getting colder, with lower idle temps and max load temps of 60 - 70 C ???

i havent got the memory covered or anything just the chip, and i did a thin line of thermal paste, in order for it to spread evenly,

My watercooling set up, is as follows, i have a 24cm radiator, a pump that pumps 600l per hour, and i have a cpu water block, attached to the loop as well that is working.

system specs
AMD x 8 8120 , 3.1ghz
Asus GDDR5 3gb 7970
16gb G skill sniper Ram
and so on so fourth, if there are any suggestions, please let me know, contact me on my email
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  1. What kind of block, rad and pump is it exactly?

    Is the motor connected to the molex?

    Are you sure the loop is filled and all the air has been bled?

    Did you apply the thermal pads, and how much thermal paste did you use?

    What kind of coolant are you using?

    Anyway a 240 rad is not enough for 7970 and Bullldozer is a single loop, so do not expect amazing things
  2. thanks for replying, so its a syscooling SP23, if im certain

    and yes i did bleed it, and test all that stuff

    i did not apply thermal pads to any of the components
    (can i use a thermal pad on the gpu?)

    A used a small amount of Thermal paste

    For coolant, i am using car radiator coolant, its called tectaloy, it gives off a UV green colour http://www.tectaloy.com/tectaloy_concentratecoolants_xtracool.html

    After reapplying thermal paste for the tenth time, i read that sometime, thermal paste that is given to you by the WC company's is ***, so i went out, and brought two types, of new thermal paste, Noctua NH-1H ( this is absolutely ***, i do not recommend), and i got some Antec Formula 6(This has micro diamonds) i applied this one and i found my temperatures, to fall down to 38 - 42 idle, and 55 - 64 Full load OC
  3. haha i know this thread is old but i cant believe no one called bs when the guy said nh-1h thermal paste was shit. lol its like one of the best.
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