Computer Randomly Loses Power

I recently purchased a msi gtx 660 twin frozr III along with a ocz zt 750W 80-plus bronze PSU for the purpose of upgrading my computer. The day after I installed these components my randomly cuts power to all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor) and the hard drive light goes black. The case however, still seems to be powered. All fans are spinning and the lights on the case are still shining bright. But the whole computer seems to have gone into a lower power state because only 1 of the 4 power phase LED lights on the motherboard remain lit.

The funny thing is, this only happens if I am browsing the internet (maybe after 5 mins or so) with no other programs running in the background. But if I load up a game (Guild Wars 2) the computer will remain on regardless if i'm on the internet or not. I can play Guild Wars for several hours and the computer will keep cool and remain powered. But when I close the game and only surf, BOOM it does it again within 10 minutes.

I have reason to suspect this is a driver issue because the computer will stay powered in Safe Mode with Networking, and I can be on the internet all I want there. So, I downloaded and ran a registry cleaner, and also deleted and re-installed the graphics driver for my video card...but the problem persists.

If any of you know what is going on, whether it be faulty hardware or driver issues. Please Help!

System Specs
CPU - AMD Phenom x6 1045T 2.70GHz
GPU - MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr III 2GB
MB - 760GM-E51 FX AM3+ Socket
PSU - OCZ ZT 750W 80+ Bronze
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  1. Help anyone? It seems to be happening even when not surfing the internet now! I am stumped as to what is wrong with my computer!
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