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I have a problem which seems to be graphics card related, but is kind of complicated - so I really don't know. I have no means of testing components in other computers at the moment.

I just built this computer:
Motherboard: MSI Z77IA-E53
CPU: i5 3570K 3.4GHz
Graphics: VTX HD 7850 X-Edition
RAM: 2x4GB Exceleram 1600 (but seems to default to 1333 for some reason)
Storage: OCZ 60GB SSD (boot drive); WD Black 1TB HDD
Pioneer DVD drive
Windows 7 64
All up-to-date drivers
Nothing overclocked

The problem is as follows. When I turn the computer on, one of three things happen: (1) it starts normally; (2) there is no monitor signal and the computer has apparently failed to boot at all, I have to hard shutdown, pressing keys does nothing; (3) same as (2), but after about 5-10 minutes the computer magically boots normally, sometimes immediately after I press Ctrl + Alt + Del, but normally on its own. In all cases it beeps once to begin with like normal.

During the non-booting periods of (2) and (3):
*The light on the keyboard and the mouse optical light blink on and off slowly and regularly (about every second). The light on the power button blinks slightly less regularly. I can hear the HDD churning around, theres a light on the SDD. All fans spin (though I think I can hear one of the fans (GPU or CPU) change speed slightly on a regular basis, every few seconds). If theres a disk in the DVD drive I'm pretty sure this always spins up.

*When its in this state and I turn it off by holding down the power button, sometimes it takes the normal few seconds of pressing to turn off, but other times it weirdly just turns off instantly when i touch it.

*This has only ever happened when I have the graphics card plugged in. No issues using only the APU graphics, though Ive only tried it a couple of times. But when the computer does boot, the graphics card works fine and plays games perfectly well, gets 7.9 experience index.

Thanks very much in advance for any help.
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  1. erm...
    I think PSU no enough for ur system ~
  2. vipervoid1 said:
    I think PSU no enough for ur system ~

    Really? Should be just enough shouldn't it?

    And if that was the case, wouldn't I expect it to crash when under heavy load, like when playing games, rather than just when booting?

    But yes that had crossed my mind... I will try to get hold of a bigger one to test.

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. 1) Very likely hardware problems, but like you said "...ever since graphic card..." I would suggest to look up the 12v rail voltage to make sure you have enough amperage. Just b/c the psu has 550W, does not mean it outputs enough amp through the 12v rail.

    2) If that is not the case, then it's just hardware problems, and it's a bitch to find out (or is it)? You have that crap ocz psu and HDD. Start from there. And please ocz fans, you know how ocz is. Really you make the same hdd specifications at half the price? It's no magic.
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