Cant get past windows icon booting from CD or SSD after two days use

Just built a couple computers and having an issue with one of them.

Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 AMD Motherboard
Samsung 840 SSD
Sata 3 cables came with Motherboard.
750w power supply.
used GT 440 I just pulled from another machine.
can get processor but dont have the box right here.

It ran great for a couple days and now it wont boot from the Windows 8 CD OR the SSD. I can bring Bios up fine. If I let it go it brings up the picture of the windows with the count down ring and after a couple seconds the screen goes black. After that it flashes slightly grey ever 5 seconds or so.

Any ideas? Fry's Electronics guy blamed Sata 2 cables but confirmed they are Sata 3. They dont really seem to know what they are talking about there. Any help would be great
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  1. Have you tried re-setting your BIOS? Also give us the full specs, especially your power supply brand and model.
  2. Antec Earthwatts EA-750 Green PSU 750w ATX Power Supply

    I have not tried resetting Bios on it. I'll do that next. checked the Sata cables and we went through the box making sure everything was secure. its the same as other comp I built that runs fine.
  3. Check this out first, go to this section of this page
    Booting Windows 8 In Safe Mode When PC Is Not Starting

    If that doesn't work there's always the long troubleshooting checklist:
  4. Thank you! I will check those out shortly. Reading through the motherboard manual learning everything I can at the moment. I haven't been this geeked out in a couple years. appreciate the help zdbc13
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