Help witch is better gtx 660 ti or gtx 580?

hey, OK, alright.
so the holidays are coming soon. and well i need a graphics card. I have an
amd a8350 somehow at 3.5ghz.
8gb of ram
and a radion hd 6670 of coarse in crossfire
The two cards I was looking at were the gtx 660ti ftw+ 3gb and the gtx 580, on nvidia's site they say that the faster card (by description) is the 580, but by benchmark the gtx 660ti is better. so im a bit confused? so if could let me know witch card is faster for gaming? i would appreciated it. \

Oh and one last thing! I know i will bottle neck it with my cpu. but i don't care the graphics will be around for next system as well. witch will be better by a long run.

and i cant appologize enuf for the inevitable spelling errors. i cant spell or punctuate for my life. lol :na:
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  1. The GTX 660 Ti is a better bet. Much less power consumption and just a much better card overall. Also, I wouldn't bother with the 3GB version. you will gain absolutely no advantage from it unless you have a multi-monitor config so save your money on that and put it towards your future build. Or else get a 7950, its slightly better than the GTX 660 Ti, OCs better and you get a couple of games with it now aswell.

    I've a feeling your an Nvidia fan though :P in which case the GTX 660 Ti is good.
  2. Ok pricewise and performance wise, do not get the 580. It's still like super expensive after so many years. I say get the 660 Ti (b/c it uses less power and slightly better performance).

    Or you can just save up and buy the GTX680 or 7970 Ghz edition and never have to read up about benchmark or OC again. Those run everything at max out of the box w/o OC.

    MSI/asus/gigabyte have great cooling feature.
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