GeForce GTS 450 - Exposes only VGA display modes


I have a GeForce GTS 450, and I just installed an extra 8 gb of RAM (totaling 12GB). I am running Windows Server 2012 with nvidia display drivers. When I turned on my machine, my display was stuck at 1024x768. I attempted to change the resolution back to 1920x1080, but the resolution dropdown was disabled. After rebooting a few times, and checking / resetting BIOS, nothing has changed. I removed the video card and re-inserted it. Still nothing.

I eventually figured out how to force it to display 1920x1080 by showing all video modes "Not supported" by the display adapter. At least thats fine for now. My problem is now when I run a game, it only shows that I can run it at 1024x768.

I removed the extra 8 GB of ram, but it is still "broken". Is there a way to get my video card to show its display modes? Or is my card somehow toast?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


AMD Phenom II
Server 2012
Sparkle GeForce GTS 450
MOBO: Biostar T-Series (not sure of exact model)
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  1. I found that when I don't have the option to change resolution it means that Windows video drivers are being used. Have you tried installing/reinstalling the latest Nvidia drivers?
  2. I didn't uninstall them, I just downloaded the new ones and re-installed them. I guess I could try it, but I booted into my Windows 7 Pro OS (dual boot) and the same problem occurs. I hadn't booted into Win 7 for a few weeks, so its unlikely that it switch drivers.

    I forgot to mention. When booting, my display is stretched (1024x768) instead of its normal resolution. The BIOS logo is stretched out and fuzzy. This is unlike its previous behavior. Its like the card just said "I quit"
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