Crossfired 6950 Vs GTX 560 Ti

Hi i'm was wondering which one of these computers are the best

1. CPU AMD phenom x4 9650 quad core
GPU Gigabyte Gtx 560 Ti 1024 MB (OC) and 4 GB Ram

2. CPU Intel Core i5 760
GPU Crossfired 6950's with unlocked shaders and 8GB Ram

Which one of these computers is best and why

Im probably just going to play World Of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic and Planetside 2

Thanks in advance
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  1. easily the 2nd one

    A single 6950 is tronger than a single 560TI... but you don`t have only one, you have two.

    Also, the Core i5 is 2 to 3 generation ahead of the original Phenom... don`t touch the first one if you are seeking to buy.
  2. Okay thanks but one queston though, will the second computer
    Max games like Crysis 2 or maybe even 3 and BF3
  3. You'll probably getting highly playable fps on high-ultra on 1080p.
  4. It's kinda confusing, are you buying used computers? Why such old hardware? Phenom x4 9650 are OLD, and what i mean OLD I mean 4 generations back, about 5 years ago processor, that wont keep up for todays needs in gaming.

    The I5 760 is indeed a better processor, still, too old if you are buying a "new computer" in your computer shop.

    HD 6950 is better than the GTX 560ti. You are saying ---> "GPU Crossfired 6950's with unlocked shaders and 8GB Ram "

    Which means 2 GPU HD6950 working together. Which means that its a LOT faster than a single GTX 560ti.

    Not to metion that Unlocked shadders also says that it will improve better than a normal HD6950.

    So, would please clarify? You are comparing a multi-GPU system with a fist generation I5 versus a Single GPU system with a firts generation of Phenom x4.

    Also, if you can.... Tell us what or whom is offering those systems, and how much?
  5. As others have said, the second system by a mile. And yes, it will max out games. I used a single 6950 for about six months, and it was able to max out Crysis 2 at 1080p with 40+ FPS through 95% of the single player campaign (dropped to mid 20s in some of the later levels). This was with all the patches applied for high resolution textures, DX11, etc.

    A pair of them would handle it easily, and with unlocked shaders they're closer to a 6970's performance than a 6950.
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