Trouble printing a PDF doc.

My print preview shows the text and images on the page to be printed but when I select print it only prints the image and not the text. What is happenning...need help...tks
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  1. Are you printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro or one of the other PDF viewer clones?
  2. Adobe reader 9
  3. Are you using a Postscrpt (PS) driver for you printer? Sometimes PCL(HP) printers do not translate the PS correctly and this issue occurs. I fyou are not using a PS driver then I would see if one is available and I would then install another instance of your printer using the PS driver.
  4. I'm using hp psc2210 printer
  5. Try updating to the current version of Adobe Reader X and see if it cleans up your problem. Also, verify that your printer drivers are up to date.
  6. Well I've done everything that u asked....and than some...I was initiating a print and then I was asked to use an xps printer writer...created the file to print...tried printing it and it said that it could not save this file because another prog. was on....where is this xps viewer...I'm exhausted...
  7. XPS is not PDF. Are you using the MS Office add-on to generate XPS and PDF documents?
  8. Also, you need to make sure your default printer is properly designated. Click Start/Devices and Printers, then right click on your printer and select as the default printer.

    Sounds like you are trying to print to the XPS "printer" instead.
  9. I guess, because if I open the reader x and initiate printing it puts me in the xps print mode...
  10. Your correct the xps printer was ticked off...I since removed it and updated my driver for my hp printer...I have an caution warning on my hp printer
  11. oscarpro said:
    I guess, because if I open the reader x and initiate printing it puts me in the xps print mode...

    Just change your default printer to the HP then and you should be fine.
  12. In device and printers my printer has a yellow caution triangle...when I troubleshoot it tells me that theirs no driver...even after doing the fix...
  13. Okay, uninstall your current drivers. Then go to and get the most current version and install it. That should clear up the issue.
  14. how do i unstall my drivers...
  15. Try this first.....power down your printer. Then, disconnect the USB cable connecting it to the computer. Then, power the printer back on. Once fully powered on, reconnect the USB cable. This may force Win 7 to redetect the device and install the drivers you already have installed (I assume it worked at some point).

    If not, go to this link and get the latest drivers. Installing these should remove your old drivers and replace with the newer drivers:
  16. nothing seems to happen when I disconnect or reconnect my usb cable...I'm going to take a break 4 supper...than I'm going 2 unstall and reinstall my printer...for you info. my printer was working well until today...later tks
  17. Eurica...after deleting almost every file from my prog/hp folder...I than re-installed my printer and now it's working just fine...tks colgeek 4 all your shelf
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