First build, wont boot up

i just finished my first build, and i plugged in my monitor and double checked to make sure everything was connected, and i press the power button and it lights up, turn on my monitor, it turns on, then says VGA and then No Signal and goes to sleep. meanwhile my computer does nothing after the power button lights up, no fans no other lights no sounds no nothing.

i have no idea what the problem might be

PC specs:

please help because im building this for my dad and he is getting kind of annoying, and keeps asking me if its done yet.
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  1. this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache
  2. AMD Radeon said:
    this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache

    i have gone through this list, and it has not helped me.

    i took everything out and re installed the mobo to make sure the standoffs were in the right place, i tried with just one stick of RAM, i checked for any bent pins, i checked for loose screws, made sure the heat sink was plugged in properly, i reconnected the front panel plugs, i made sure the PSU was plugged in and switched on, i made sure all the things were tight in their sockets.

    the one thing i didnt do was breadboard the mobo, because i really didnt understand how that works. dont you need the front panel plugs to turn the mobo on? which is in the case, which you cant plug in if the mobo is outside the case.

    so that list did not help me, it still just shows the light on the power button, and no signal on the monitor. and nothing else happens
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