Graphic card for 300watt psu?

i want to replace my old 8400gs with a new one. it must be as powerfool as 9500gt(ddr2). i am looking for hd5570 and gt620 as it fits my budget of 100$. I game at 720p and low settings. graphics doesn't matter much to me, but the game should run at 25+ fps. any suggestions...??
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    Is it a good 300 W PSU? Or a Chinese no name? If it's a brand name you can do 7770, or 7750 if you only have a single slot available.

    I have a shuttle PC that is running a Bronze 300 W PSU and I'm running an Ivy Pridge i5 and a Radeon 7770 no problem.

    270W is the max pull for the entire PC during high load and gaming.
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