To Sli or not to Sli- that is the question...

Hello all,

I plan on upgrading my monitor for a higher resolution monitor (2560X1440) so I am torn between, should I sli or no...

If I were to Sli/Crossfire It would most likely be 670's or 680's, possibly considering 7950/7970's...

Thanks everyone
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  1. You could get a 7970 GHZ and try it and if it isn't powerful enough for you get a second one later.
  2. Today's "slow" computers are a lot like sex. Even the worst sex is fantastic as are even the slowest computer. Somehow, I doubt you have a slow computer. You will pay dearly for the few extras FPS you get and I doubt you will enjoy your games any more. If you just want to join the pissing contest, that's another thing.
  3. lol, somehow, I see where you are coming from.
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