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What firmware for my DVD?

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December 26, 2001 2:15:41 PM

Hey guys, im having some problems with my Aopen 1240 DVD, so i thought i'd get the latest firmware, since i had never gotten any yet.

Problem is, on the AOpen site, for 1240 DVD, there are two versions,

1240/AMH and 1240/ASH

How on EARTH do i know if i have the AMH or ASH??!?

Help appreciated :) 

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December 30, 2001 5:52:43 PM

help me!


December 30, 2001 7:03:20 PM

The best I can tell you ...

Grab a flashlight, open the can, and physically take a look at the device. Hopefully, there will be a small label of some kind with the part number, model name, or UPC code.

If not, perhaps you can find the information on the packing slip that came with the drive.

If none of this is feasible, call the company, and explain the dilemma. Or call the location where you ordered the device, and ask them to check their records and see which model you were sent. The same goes for an OEM machine, if the computer was assembled at a factory. Call the system manufacturer.

I wish I could tell you more.

Until then, perhaps you could give us an idea of what kind of problems you are experiencing with the drive? Maybe it's an issue where one of the forum members could lend you a hand. We're pretty good at troubleshooting.

I'm sorry that it took so long to get a response, especially when I didn't tell you what you needed to know.

It's not altogether that unusual to have to wait a few days for a response in the less heavily-trafficked sections of the Forum. I noticed the post, and would have said something before now, if I had had the information you requested.

'Luck ...


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December 31, 2001 11:32:43 AM


I think I'll call after the holidays.

The problems i have came into being after Windows XP was installed, so i figured since i never updated Firmware maybe that could help.

Problem being, when installing, or copying from the drive, sometimes (not always) the system crashes halfway through or so, shows a weird error message full in the screen (i think its XP's BSOD) and reboots

Its weird and for now I'm installing things from my Plextor drive. I think I'll call Aopen tech support about the problem itself as well.

thanks for the replie :) 
December 31, 2001 2:21:49 PM

I'm sure that you are on the right track ... upgrading the firmware is a good idea (as soon as you discover exactly what model of DVD you purchased.)

Is there any way for you to post the entire error message? The problem <i>might</i> lie in another area, if the drive was functional in a previous operating system. It couldn't hurt to check, right? ;-)


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January 1, 2002 6:24:15 PM

Well then I'd have to intentionally crash my system, and i dont really feel like it, :( 

Once i found out which model it is, and upgrade firmware, and it STILL does it, i'll do that

Now, could it also possibly be my BIOS?

You see, I've heard of BIOS u[dating, but I've never done it since i got this computer (march last year, maybe jan/feb already), and, even then, at start up it says (i think) Award modular BIOS 6.something and then 198x - 2000

So i guess that bios version is not of 2001, but already 2000, maybe updating the bios could help?
January 1, 2002 7:30:15 PM

Possibly, but that's a long shot, in my opinion. If your mainboard is ACPI-ready and XP-compliant, the likelihood of a BIOS flash repairing a problem with the DVD-ROM isn't likely, especially if the device is identified correctly in the Device Manager. And, of course, your Plextor is functional, which would lead me to believe that a BIOS flash wouldn't be of much help.

After you have the chance to flash the firmware for the DVD-ROM, if you still have a problem, send me a message, and detail any errors you see on the screen. That way, I can help you discover if it's a problem with the device, or a problem due to Windows. Without this kind of information, I'm just as much in the dark as anyone else you might contact.

It occurred to me while typing this ... you do have both IDE channels enabled in the Device Manager? Is the DVD-ROM sharing a cable with the Plextor, and is it jumpered correctly? Is the cable properly connected to the mainboard? (If it's an ATA/66/100 cable, the blue end goes into the mainboard connector.)

What kind of mainboard and chipset are you running? Many strange errors that are IDE-related can be corrected by installing the latest drivers for the chipset.

Note: When you have the opportunity to flash the DVD-ROM's circuitry ... set it as the Master on the secondary cable, temporarily, with no other devices on the cable. Otherwise, the firmware upgrade might fail, or even damage the Plextor (if they share the cable). Afterwards, reconnect everything in its normal configuration, and make sure that your drive letters are correct.


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