PSU making strange noises

Hi there

Hope you all had a great Xmas. So my PSU is making some weird clicking noises and I think its about to go. (Raidmax 850AE) Yes I know Raidmax is bad I didn't do my research before I bought it and now I'm kicking myself for not buying a quality PSU.

My system is i5 3570k w/ cm hyper 212 +, p8z77-vpro
2 HD 6870s Xfire
Intel 120gb SSD 520series
2 HDD Green 1.5tb total
16gb Corsair xms3 ram 1600mhz
Corsair 600t

I used the power supply wattage calculator on newegg and it said roughly 650watts. So I want at least 750w or more to be on the safe side. Can anyone help me out by recommending some PSU's quality PSU's I mean.

Btw I live near a Frys Electronics and a Micro Center.
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    easy pick lol the sweetest spot on 750 range
  2. ^^ Its a good brand, and fairly good reviews, exept for DOA reviews, which will happen to ALL computer components.

    Good price to and is energy efficient.
  3. I would buy that but I want to drive to frys or micro center because they are so close rather than pay for shipping,

    thanks for the quick replys
  4. Ok so sorry for the triple post but is Antec a good brand? It's on the microcenter link.
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