So there will no price drop?

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  1. Report seemed favorable, but not reflected in Stock price - But hey way better than AMD which is sitting right around $2.00.
    But In general many of the tech's are down from Feb/March time.

    As to GPU price, still pretty much based on supply and demand
  2. some people are raging why nvidia did not dropping their price when amd already did so. so they speculate if nvidia Q3 did not do well they might drop their prices to stimulate more sales just like amd did with their 7k series. but the reality is even with higher price they still able to sell their card just fine. so because of this we might not seeing nvidia dropping their price because they able to sell just fine with current price.

    but from what i can understand Tegra really did help nvidia this year.
  3. Lol!No comment.
  4. If people are buying at higher prices, it would be stupid to lower the price. It's like reverse haggling.

    Buyer: "I'll give you $200"

    Seller: "I won't accept a penny over $175"
  5. nVidia did not drop their prices because they do not have to. Sure let the disgruntled gamers go and buy a Radeon HD instead, but even with that happening, nVidia cards are still selling very well.

    Can nVidia drop their prices? Sure they can, but dropping the price to attract more buyers can also decrease their revenues as well. nVidia is a for profit company and it will not drop prices unless it needs to.

    In a nutshell, nVidia is in a position where it can afford to loose potential buyers looking for a bargain, while AMD is not.
  6. Anik8 said:

    upon quick check on newegg there a few 680 priced for 470. is this been happening for quite sometime already or just recently after their Q3 financial announcement? i haven't check newegg price for quite sometime :P
  7. for quite some time I found the msi 680 reference cards being sold at $460 and
    msi 660 ti pe editions with $310 mrp being sold by newegg @ $290 after MIR.
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