First time building, hows my setup look?

This will be my first time building a computer from scratch. How is my setup? Would you change anything? If so, why?

Also I'm probably going to get 1600mhz CAS9 memory. Would getting higher frequency or CAS 7/8 be worth the price increase?
I also plan on doing a 20-25% overclock in the future. I'm fairly new at this, so any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I also had a hard time choosing between the ASUS P8Z77-V and the ASRock Z77 Extreme6. Which would you go with?

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  1. awesome build dude....

    but i suggest you better get 2x8 DDR3 1600 CAS 9
    easier to overclock than 4x4

    cas 8 is not worth it lol

    and personally i would go with asrock... many toms member use it and you will get more support from forum member to help you cmiiw
  2. Thank you. Does anyone else have anything to add? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I plan on committing and purchasing tomorrow!
  3. Seems like a great build just wondering why the 1TB HDD and 2TB HDD? Other than that seems great, the 3770k isnt needed for gaming the 3570k will do just fine if you want to shave a little of the price tag off too.
  4. Just personal preference I guess. SSD for Windows, most commonly used applications and games. 2 TB will be used for recorded HD TV and movies from a TV Tuner Card. 1 TB for music, pictures, games, apps, ect. Originally I was going to go with the 3570k, but then decided I didn't mind spending the extra $100 for an i7.
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