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Intel Core i5 3550 Quad 3.30ghz 6mb
Corsair 16GB 1600Mhz Vengeance
Evga Geforce GTX 680 GDDR5 2gb Graphics Card
Asus p8z77-v-lx- motherboard
BenQ XL2420t 24inch 2ms 120hz 3D LCD Screen

What do i put my settings to , for borderlands 2...i want the best it can do
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    Are you having trouble running it? You should be able to max it out without any issues
  2. well its all crystall clear and sexy, but when i fire a shot gun it kinda jumps abit like chop, but its weird because i read abit on this site
    so im not sure if i should change something in the control panel like, let 3d application decide, or my settings or balanced or quality or performance or w/e...blah
  3. Go to nvidia control panel, manage 3d settings, program settings and find Borderlands 2. Then scroll down to Vertical Sync and set it to adaptive. Click apply. Now next time you start the game, the stutter should be gone.
  4. What about in game? should i have v-sync on? or should i have 120 capped fps? or the smoothed setting 22-63fps or w/e it is. because my resloution on desktop is 120hz 1920x1080
  5. Blah, now i am lost, i dident really touch the program settings tab, i just mess around with the global. even then i dont really touch anything except the single, or multiple display performance mode, and i choose single beacuse i only have one monitor. the rest ive looked at and played with but most the time i just go back to default,except the single display performance mode. So your saying that if i go into these program settings, it will know to use those settings insted of the global if they are differnet? because it knows im using that program?...But ya like it would be nice to know what i should have settings on and the temprature to be at, this site is awesome ahaha thanks again for all the tips. But ya so basically do i want v-sync on in the game? and asfar as framerate in the game settings, does 120 capped sound like a bad idea? i have evga precision for temp read out, most the time it goes around 60. but the fan is set to auto and the fan goes between 30-45% ....soo ya...ive only had this baby for 2 weeks ..shes clean ..soo no dust really...umm so ya reccomendations? excuse my spelling haha

    But when i play wow and alt tab, sometimes i get this thing asking about changing my color scheme back to windows 7 basic because it says its slowing stuff down? nothing really seems to be slowing because temps are good and i use process explorer to watch cpu usage. well anyway...if you have an idea cool Because i checked and its on aero theme which i guess is a nicer color scheme then 7 basic? :o
  7. I get that too in World of Warcraft. Seems like a windows bug - I personally ignore it.

    If you set Adaptive VSync in nvidia control panel, it will overwrite the whatever Vertical sync setting the game is set at. I personally have it set to smooth the rates in game.
  8. Should Physx be set to my graphics card or processor, or auto? in the nvidia control panel
  9. what about you tho. do you have everything turned up max? highs and ultra highs and 16x antrisopic or w/e . and such? with max resolution? and you get no stutter at all?
  10. Set it to Auto. And yes, I have everything set the highest setting possible. 1920x1080 resolution, no stuttering.
  11. What about your nvidia control panel tho, Are you set to let application decide or advanced 3d settings, or the slider bar at a certian setting? and if your at adavanced 3d settings, are there any i should have put at a certian setting? thx again so far
  12. Power management mode - prefer maximum performance and vsync to adaptive. That's it :). Do you still get stutters?
  13. Well i dont know if you have a 3d monitor or that if the 120hz for my resolution has anything to do with it, but i find its abit better with v-sync just on...but if you go to that link i put way up there, it says that with my graphic card i cannot max things? i dunno...its not on my solid state drive, its on a 7200rpm barracuda 2tb drive, if that matters. But i notice the suttering when im right up close to the ammo and health machines shooting at the wall behind them, maybe its the zone im in also. oasis. you could team viewer my stuff if you like check it out see if you find a common mistake.
  14. I can't really find the place that is saying your computer is not good enough. You've got worlds fastest single GPU card in the world, it for sure is enough. I don't have a 3D monitor, though. Did you try turning 3D off? Just to check whether it fixes it.

    Also, check your CPU usage when it lags.
  15. Well when you go to your resolution in your control panel, does it say 60hz or 120hz?
  16. My monitor is 60 Hz, so it says 60.
  17. hmm i tryed changing my to 60. doesnt seem to make much of a difference, ill play around with it tomorrow or something thanks for your help. if you go to the website here thats the monitor i have, and it says mid way thru the page something about the difference in lower and higher hertz for the monitor. soo maybe its tripping on that between v-sync aswell...but anyway ill try some stuff tomorrow. thanks man. cheers
  18. That's a very nice monitor. No problem, report your results.
  19. ya i am pretty happy with my computer. thats why i wanna spend time getting to know whats what.
  20. paddys09 said:
    Are you having trouble running it? You should be able to max it out without any issues

    Its the physx
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