Monitor going to no signal mid game.

Case: Coolermaster haf 932
Processor: I3-2130
PSU:XFX Core Edition PRO850W
Video Card: Gtx 660ti
Ram: corsair vengeance 2x4GB
I built this pc about a year ago and just recently(less than two weeks ago) My pc would randomly and unpredictably either turn to a black or white screen or go to no signal.
Some times a looped sound comes through my headset when this happens. Once this happens the pcs fans are still running and the hdds are still moving any help?
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  1. usually it is video card faulty

    but i am not sure
    and this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache
  2. Im guessing I have a hardware problem due to the problem still going on after a fresh install of windows. How would I narrow it down to what part I need to replace?
  3. Tried new ram did not work. Anyone feel like actually responding here?
  4. try stress test your gpu with furmark and see if you get any crash
  5. I used OCCT gpu and it did not crash.
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