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Hi guys need a quick answer here ie,recently i bought a MSI N460GTX Cyclone OC Edition 1Gb card(not new)..But now while playing MOH Warfighter..within 5 to 7 mins the card temps are going as high like 76c :o Is this normal???If not whats the fix???My res is 1024x768 :lol:

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  1. The Gtx 400's series always ran a bit hot. Under load 76C is more or less ok. Try to keep it under 80-85C. The fact that you are playing on such a low resolution and that is happening is a bit strange.

    What is your case cooling like?
    What are the other components in your system?
    Make sure you clean out the dust.
    Also try running a benchmark such as Unigine heaven, and report back with the temperatures, that way we can determine whether it is just that game or the card.
  2. I am running it on Ultra with & 4xAA & 8x AF..Case is generic with one side intake fan & 2 is clean enough..other components are..
    Phenom II X4 955 @3.5Ghz
    Corsair Vengeance 4x2=8GB
    Asus M5A88-V EVO
    Corsair GS600 Psu
  3. Well you have some good components, and your powersupply is powerful enough to power it too.

    According to this review:,8.html

    Your graphic card under load on average heats up to 64C, so yours is running hotter than what was reviewed. I would try opening the case, and then playing a game with the case open, to see how the temperatures are affected. Don't worry however that temperature under load is fine, it is more or less normal on those cards (gtx400's). Keep the temperature under 80C and it will all be fine. Also your room temperature will affect the temps of your GPU. If you want to cool it down a bit further, you could set a custom fan curve. Note that your card seems to exhaust hot air into your case, so it is up to your case, and case fans to exhaust that hot air.

    Hope this helped!
  4. I think Fil1p has a good point here..opening the case will let me know that is this happening due to bad air flow inside or not..btw my case is very generic ie,exhaust is good enough but only one side intake & thats also above gpu..I will test this tonight & reply back guys..Thanks

    What other have to say on this???
  5. Hi guys..tested today with opening the side panel of the case..played COD BO 2..with HW Moniter running in the background..saw temps goes upto 70C which is 6C lower than the closed case..Room temp is 26C...Now what do u think???
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