Can you help me asap build this for my friend now!

I am building a computer for a friend and wants to pick up parts today in an hour. he is on a budget of $650
we live in canada and prices are pricey but today is boxing day!

CPU: Amd fx-6100 6 core -$99.99
MOBO: ASrock 970 extreme 3 am3+ -$89.99
GPU: HIS HD 7850 2gb- $159.99
PSU: Corsair TX550w Semi modular 80+ Bronze- $69.99
Burner: Samsung 24x- $14.99
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Blue 2x4gb- $31.99
HDD: Western D. Cavier Blue: $ 64.99
Case: Zalman z11 plus- $59.99

$592 Before tax
tnank you guys
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  1. great build dude....

    if you go with intel build, it will perform much better
    do you mind?
  2. he is on budget thats y and if he goes with i3 dual core it wont be much for the gpu and he is picky and a noob and pretty much wants cpu with more cores cuz he doesnt know much.
  3. how bout this one? we are leaving in 45 mins to buy them parts.

    CPU: Intel i3 3220 Dual Core 3.3ghz- $109.99
    MOBO: Gigabyte H77M-D3H mATX- $86.99
    GPU: HIS hd 7850 2gb- $159.99
    PSU: Corsair tx550w semi modular 80+ bronze- $69.99
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance Blue 2x4gb- $31.99
    Burner: Samsung 24x- $14.99
    HDD: WD Cavir Blue 1tb- $64.99
    Case: Zalman z11 plus- $59.99

    this build is also descent. But it will go over udget because of tax. but which build would u prefer
  4. The AMD build would be good with an fx6300 ideas of the 6100
  5. CPU: Intel i3 3220 Dual Core 3.3ghz- $109.99
    MOBO: Gigabyte H77M-D3H mATX- $86.99

    i am sure you dont want to OC
    thus cheap out on mobo
    get any b75 or h77 board whatever is cheaper (40-60 usd)
    and you have room to get i3 or i5 3470 (check the price)
  6. ahh my friend agreed to the first build. he is on very tight budget. first build is very good for the price.
  7. good luck with you mate :) AMD or intel build, both are very good price/performance

    shakehand in the air
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