Which nvidia card for GTA IV?

I have an i5 3570k and need a GPU. The main game I want to play is GTA IVmaxed out, I also want to play GTA V maxed out when it comes out too, and generally modern games maxed out.

Unfortunately at the moment I can only really afford an asus 660, is it worth buying it? Would I be able to play IV maxed out.and other games on high/very high settings?

My res is 1920x1080.
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  1. Is the 660 a good card? Would it last a good amount of time running modern and futur games on high? Would an Asus one overclock nicely to keep up?
  2. yesss 660 is a good card. it is on par with 7870, see the benchmark :)
  3. I dont want a card that will be running next years games on medium though. When gta V comes out I REALLY want it on ultra. I will probably get a job soon so itls it worth waiting and buying a 660 Ti or even 670?
  4. 670 is the sweetest spot in nvidia line up. it is 350ish and can be bought at 299 on sale... (you have to keep an eye though)

    but you know your budget :)
  5. I see. Well I guess its worth waiting, Im obviously going to be getting a job in the next few months.
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