Ntldr is missing in dual boot xp

I have two disks 0 & 1 in my PC & each has two partitions. I had first installed Win xp on 1st Partition of Disk1 & checked the system is running perfectly. Afterwards I installed Win7 on 1st Partition of Disk 0 & checked the system booting/working in Win7 perfectly but now I can't acces my Winxp. Whenever I try to boot from Disk 1 it gives a message "NTDLR missing". I'll be grateful if a solution is suggested. Thanks
- Anil KK
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  1. It sounds like the install of W7 changed the boot location of XP. Download and install the free version of EasyBCD (at the bottom of the page); that will allow you to see the boot disks and fix the XP bootloader.
  2. I always disconnect HDDs other than the one I'm installing an OS on.
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