Gtx 680 can t be plugged to 1080 p projector ?

hey guys, just bought a new computer from hp that run with the gtx 680, i m receiving my 3d display tomorrow with my cool glasses, but just wanted to try to plug it to my projector in dinning room to see how it was

i have a optoma projector hd23 that goes up to 1080 p

now whats the issue, i plugged the computer through a hdmi cable, installed the driver and tried the 1080 p resolution, it works but there is abig problem of color bleeding its as if i have some white pixels points around some colors of the screens, i dont know if you call it fuzzy blurry, but it doesnt work properly at all, the weird thing is that if i switch it to 1080 i ( not p ) it works fine, my projector ran perfectly on my alienware notebook wihtout any issues, i have tried changing the color pixel format no change, i have read on a forum that the nvidia 680 gtx wasnt supporting a few hdmi projectors, shold i try with an adaptater dvi hdmi ?

i feel so bad, i put so much money in that computer and it doesnt work with the projector i have, please help

thanks guys, sorry for my english i m not from a us country and i m young
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  1. The issue may not be your devices at all. What media did you use to test the 1080p and 1080i Picture quality. The reason I ask is because, some cable companies broadcast the signal at 1080i, but the video signal gets highly compressed, causing your device to display a less clarified image then supposed to (the "smear" effect). Your 1080i mode is most likely capable of broadcasting the picture in true 1080i format. As for the 1080p (24fps) the frame rate is much slower about 2x less than 1080i (60fps). This is another point where you may run into issues. Test out your setup with true 1080p and 1080i formats and see if the issue is cleared up. Also try streaming the content. It may just be an issue with your bandwidth during streaming. Check this site out. They go into more detail about many of the same issues you've expressed.

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  2. What is the make and model of the power supply?

    What is the make and model of the computer you bought?
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