Recently Purchase MSI 660Ti Concerns

Hello I have just purchase a MSI Power Edition 660ti card and then it hit me shortly after that I had an article on Toms a while back that they were overvolting their cards by a substantial margin causing problems:,18013.html

What I'm wondering is if there is any way to perhaps lower this voltage increase on the PWM manually in case there are any issues or in the case of just safeguarding my card out of the gate just in case mine has this issue (at the price, im thinking it is) . Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. No you don't need to be chicken about it, that MSI even with that is still a much better quality card than most. It has everything that a card needs to last 4-6 years of heavy use and that extra voltage will allow for better overclocking. GTX7xx is likely to not allow for such changes and volts will likely be even more restrained than before.
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