List of graphic card that can run on corsair cx430..?

hi guys, i want to know which cards run on corsair cx430 psu. My pc specs are i5 3450,corsair vengence 8gb,asus p8b75 mle motherboard.thanks.
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  1. Radeon 7870 or GTX 660, both run comfortably on a Corsair 430 watt

    I have an overclocked GTX 660 running on a cx 430 with an AMD Phenom II, with 7 120mm fans and my total power consumption is 285 watts. I even over calculated just to be 100% sure.
  2. most single cards will run (with single gpu)
  3. unless you are using the monster higher-end amd cards it should be fine the 7970ghz edition at 100% load would need that power supply just for itself lol.
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