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660 ti frame drops

Hello, I just purchased a new EVGA 660ti reference card and im experiencing some frame drops and hiccups in Battlefield 3 and other games but not as bad.. Im using precision x software and nvida control panel where i have adaptive vsnyc enabled. I noticed that my card runs way past the boost clock at times. The problem is my frame rate drops to 40/50 alot, but it seams like its worse. I also see a small amount of tearing at times as well as texture popping. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my settings/rig.

Battlefield 3 settings:

Resolution: 1920x1080 @60hz
Texture Quality: Medium
Shadow Quality: Low
Effects Quality: Low
Mesh Quality: Medium
Terrain Quality: Medium
Terrain Decoration: Medium
Anti-Aliasing Deferred: Off
Anti-Aliasing Post: High
Motion Blur: Off
An-isotropic Filter: 16x
Ambient Occlusion: Off


AMD Phenom II X6 1045t @2.7ghz
EVGA 660ti 2gb reference card.
G Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1333 8GB (2x4)
Corsair TX 650w PSU
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. Your cpu bro.Will hold back and cause lots of stuttering in BF3 MP.
  2. CPU usage never goes above 86%?
  3. Hmm your psu also looks terrible.
  4. Both CPU and PSU are quite bad.Even though it never goes over 86% your CPU is not fast enough for your GPU,causing delays which result in frames dropping and screen tearing.
  5. PSU Power Calculator

    Using the application above,entering only you CPU and GPU it is recommended 303w PSU.I would change the PSU as soon as possible to preserve the rest of the hardware.
  6. That PSU might actually be the issue, might not be. It might be worthwhile to upgrade to a CX500, see if that fixes your issue. If not, I also am suspecting that the CPU will cause some issues in multiplayer.

    Whats the frame rate difference between SP and MP?

    You shouldn't be getting 40 fps with that low settings regardless, if so, its probably your CPU.
  7. battlefield scales well with more cores so the cpu is not causing the problem, the power supply is the problem, get at least a quality 500w power supply and i believe that should fix your problem, those frame drops are because the system is not getting enough power
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I went into my bios and turned off AMD Cool and Quiet and that helped some. Weird thing now is my 660ti doesn't even go to boost clock? Also I disabled v-snyc in game and the nvidia control panel and there was no change in fps? The frame rate is also almost always 60fps like v-sync was on. I'm getting a lot of suttering now even though fps is really smooth. Im going to re-install drivers and see if it helps.
  9. I re-installed the drivers and im getting 90-100 fps on medium and a smooth 60fps v-snyc
    on high. I did not install precision x like last time, I wonder if it could have caused the issue? I really liked using the custom fan speed on precision x though. Is the stock fan profile ok on these cards?
  10. Maybe some other junk in your pc caused it.You can safely install precisionx again.Almost every nvidia user uses it to manage fan speed.
  11. You should be able to do ultra on the 660ti.
  12. I re-installed precision x and the same problem returned? No idea if its causing it or if its a hardware issue.
  13. Is there a specific program you guys would reccomend to monitor the power supply usage?
  14. Just use precisionx to set ur fan speed at fixed rate like 60 or 50.Then just quit it.Don't use it when gaming.
  15. I going to go ahead and get a new power supply. Which one do you guys suggest?
  16. A CX500 or CX600 will do you fine for now. In the case of SLIing later on, a TX750 would be nice. Don't fall for crappy Coolermaster PSU's. Stick with Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, Rosewill, and XFX and you'll be fine.
  17. So i finally got around to getting a new psu (Corsair TX 650w). After install i am still having the same issues? My GPU usage is between 50-80% while my gpu memory usage never goes above 860mb. Is this normal? I also re-installed my OS and the 310.61 drivers.
  18. OFC its normal.Your cpu is very bad when it comes to BF3 MP.Which is cpu hungry unlike SP.
  19. I have the same problem in single player. Might even be worse, seen 37 fps at one point.
    Is it possible i damaged something when I was running my old 460w psu? possible bad card?
  20. have you tried OCing your cpu yet?
  21. I wish, My motherboard does not support OCing. Just trying to squeak by till haswell. I may just uninstall bf3 as its the only game that its extremely noticeable. Hope Far Cry 3 doesn't give me any issues.
  22. You need to crank up your setting to ultra in SP to remove cpu bottenecks.
  23. I did as you suggested and the problem is still the same. Here is what my system is doing when playing multiplayer: and singleplayer: The singleplayer player spike and frame rate is because alt+tab. Anything wrong here?
  24. sevensixtwo said:
    Anything wrong here?

    Hey, glad I found this thread. I am having a similar issue with my 560ti. Here are my specs:

    M3A78-CM MB
    AMD Phenom II x4
    6 GB RAM
    nVidia GeForce GTX 560ti
    Corsair GS700 PSU

    ALL games, mostly higher end fps (bc2, bf3, etc.): After playing smoothly for a few minutes with fps high (over 100 on avg) I get a drop in fps (using MSI Afterburner to monitor) and the animation gets horribly choppy with a noticable regular tick tick tick chop that seems to be 1 second apart, but not always. Makes gameplay almost impossible. WTH is going on here? I have tried many dif things INCLUDING popping my old 9600GT in to see if the same thing happened. IT DID! Weird. And I never had a problem with the 9600GT before. It just wasnt up to bf3 standards.
  25. Unfortunately I'm still having the same issues. As others have suggested it is my cpu. I did a few things that did help though. I went into nvidia control panel and set the max rendered frames to 1, put the texture quality on performance, also put power management on maximum performance. For some reason the bigger the map the less issues i have. Caspian border, bandar, alborz, karg, ect... never leave a smooth 60 fps. Close quarters maps are the worst and the aftermath isn't to bad. I shall upgrade when haswell realeases, till then i will just deal with it.
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    cpu has too low clockspeed. OOverclock it to at least 3.5 ghz, or upgrade it. cpu useage cant go above 86% because the game cant utillize all 6 cores with 100% efficiency. A better quad core cpu with more IPC and higher clock speed is better than more cores at lower clock speed and lower ipc for gaming.
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