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What would be the best GPU for Skyrim?

Hi,I'm currently running on my motherboards graphics and have no video card so nearly anything is going to be better than what I have now. That being said I was wondering what video card out now should I get for running games smoothly on the best graphics such as Syrim and DayZ? I've always been mostly a console gamer an have never got to experience the beauty and smoothness of playing on a good pc so that's why I'm looking for a new GPU. I'm hoping to not spend over 200'ish$.

Thanks a lot :)
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    7850 or a generic GTX660.
  2. HD7850, GTX 650TI
  3. Are there any black friday deals on GPUs?
  4. there will be.
  5. Okay guess I'll wait then....I hate waiting.....or should I wait for the next gen cards come out? But that would be an even longer wait...
  6. rolli59 said:
    HD7850, GTX 650TI

    650Ti isn't worth it not when a 560Ti is still faster and a old 460 can overclock to match at a much lower price.
  7. you didnt mention what resolution you are looking to play at.
    at 1440*900 or lower a 7750 is best
    at 1680*1050 a 7770
    and at 1080p a 7850
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