System upgrade $500

So I amm ready to upgrade my PC got it about 2.5 years ago and its about that time. I am looking to spend around $600.

Here is my current setup

CPU- i7-950
motherboard- Gigabyte X56A-UD3R
RAM- 8gigs
GPU- Radeon 6870
PSU - 800W
SSD- 80Gigs

I do a lot of gaming and recently I have been getting errors where my GPU crashes screen goes black and any game I am playing crashes, so a GPU upgrade is at the top of my list. I was also contemplating upgrading my SSD to a higher capacity so I will be able to install games on it. Thanks for your time and help.
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  1. 3570K+mobo combo are 350ish

    there are 250 left for GPU

    btw i doubt you want to change your old i7 since it still performs great
    so only GPU upgrade? 670 is sweet 350 card :)
  2. What's the brand of the psu ?

    I don't think you'll be needing another cpu or mobo, the one you have is a good one.
    You'll need a new card, the psu i don't know the brand can't say, and the ssd.
    You can get a 670/7950 in newegg+ m4 crucial 128GB for less than 600$
  3. Easy peasy!

    New video card: XFX 7970 + 3 games: $419 - $30 MIR = $389

    SSD: OCZ Agility 4 $99 @ Amazon

    Total: $488 plus tax

    Edit - If you drop the GPU down $50 or so to a 670 or cheaper 7970 or 7950, get this SSD: (180GB Intel 330, $159)
  4. My PSU is an xtremegear 800W that is actually one part I want to swap out. My gf said she would pay for it so that doesnt have to be equated into the $600. I was leaning towards this one
  5. Get this one :

    That's all you need for any single gpu card, it's quality is flawless, you won't find any better psu.
    As for the card, i don't know your preferences, but either a 670 gtx or a 7970 + a 128 ssd crucial m4 or samsung 830.
  6. Thank you everyone for you suggestions!

    For my PSU I am going to go with [...] 6817151088

    I am going to go with the 7970. Ill think it over on what SSD I decide to go with.
    Thanks again for the help guys.
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