Blowing out psu plz help

Gone through 2 good psu. Second one lasted only a couple of weeks cant figure out whats wrong. When I turned pc off I heard a pop, guessing a capacitor.
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  1. i feel sorry dude.... :(

    may i know what are the 2 psu? what is your complete system?
    P8p67 pro
    I7 2600k
    X2 cruial m4
    Msi ge 560 ti
    Tons of fans haf 932 case

    First psu is called sr2 or something along those lines
    Overclocked cpu to 4.5 and did have video cards but one went bad a few months ago(this is when I improved my cooling)
  3. your PSU is good choice and it received very good review on newegg...
    maybe you pick the bad binned one

    are you sure you have a good electricity?
    in some cases, power surges will kill components inside your PC. PSU is the first victim
  4. Im not but I did get the best power strip I could find shouldnt that stop surges or is there some kind of fuse I can put in the power line
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    Look into a UPS if you can, uninterruptable power supply. That way it evens out power surges if that is the actual case.
  6. Ordered didnt know about these. Still not sure this is the problem but a great investment either way thank you
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