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I just built my first pc with this graphics card
My old pc/graphics card had a output that i could use this cable to run dual moniters. My question is is there a plug i can buy that will allow me to run 2 dvi monitors from the dvi port on the graphics card.
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  1. You can't run two monitors from the same DVI port, actually you can use a splitter but then you have to put the same image on each screen. I'd use a DVI cable for one and buy an HDMI to DVI cable for the other one. I use one of those and then a DVI to VGA adapter. Check Amazon, cables are really cheap there, I have a DVI cable I got for less than a dollar and it still works great, and I have a HDMI to DVI cable that I'm using now that I bought for some where around $5.
  2. Ok. Just placed the order for my hdmi to dvi cable. Also, after further reading, i keep seeing things about eyefinity. What exactly is that. Just the ability to run multi monitors?
  3. Eyefinity takes your image and spreads it across 3 or 5 monitors. It's the same as Nvidia's surround only it runs on AMD cards.
  4. So. my card has 4 output slots. If i hooked all of them up to 4 1600x1200 moniters, it would act as one big monitor. Whould my graphics card be able to handle a 3200x2400 display? if not, how many monitors do you think it would support? Thanks. (im thinking games like skyrim at high-max settings. From what im reading, i would probably need two in crossfire right?)
  5. I don't really know to much about multi monitor gaming, I run two monitors right now but I play on one and montor temp and load charts on the other. When your using multiple monitors for one big picture you want to have an odd number. I'm not sure if you could even do 4 way Eyefinity. But yes your card should be good for three, it has a good amount of VRAM and has lot's of power. For max settings you may need to add a second, like I said I don't do Eyefinity.
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