Help on new build budget 32,000 php or 777$

i need some final help on my new build
i will mostly be only buying from this site:
^ it's near where i live
I live in the Philippines i could order some online but with shipping fee's i dont think it;s recommended

budget is 32,000 php or 777$ current convertion rate is 1 dollar = 41.2 php
this is what i have been planing to buy for now

Monitor, LG 20, E2041T, LED backlit, wide, 1600x900, d sub/DVI PHP 5420.00
vga pcie, Power Color Radeon, 1gb HD 7750 ddr5, 128bit, pcie PHP 3890.00
Intel Core i5 3470 3.2ghz, 4-core, 6mb, HD2500, (lga1155) PHP 7950.00
hdd, WDC, 1tb Caviar Blue (WD10EZEX) 64mb sata hdd PHP 3150.00
kb A4tech KD 126 illuminated, LED backlight, black PHP 790.00
Casing, Aerocool, PGS VS3 Advance,no psu, black, 2x120mm, 2xusb 3.0 PHP 1950.00
ram G.skill Ripjaws X, 8gb ddr3 1333 red (undecided) PHP 1620.00
mb lga1155, Asus P8H77-M LE (LGA1155) H77, mATX, 2*ddr3, by CPU PHP 4290.00
mouse, Cm Storm Xornet, gamig mouse, laser, 2000dpi max, claw style PHP 1200.00
psu, Corsair 500watts, PSU, CX, CX500 PHP 2680.00

will this be a good build?
i always read that the i5 2500k is better is that true? im not into overclocking but if the 2500k is better even without overclocking it i may try doing it but that would need an after market cooler and that would meen more expenses :(
will the psu be enough or good enough?
any modification is appreciated to cheaper the better :D

im not a gaming enthusiast i was first planning on a HD 6670 2gb then i thought ill just go with a HD 7750

only thing missing is an AVR/UPS maybe ill just get some cheap generic one
dont need an OS already have one will be running this build on windows 8
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    Hi, I'm from the philippines too and also buying stuffs from TPC but from a different seller. I checked your seller and I think it is a good seller. Almost same warranty period as mine and also competitive price. BTW I'm buying my stuffs from PCHub just so you know. So I recommend you continue buying your stuffs there(Foxcom_G) or other sellers like PCHub or pcnetmiles(but lower warranty period but good seller) other than shipping your parts from other country. Okay, back to topic.

    I have some thoughts on your build:

    As for your cpu, it is okay, since your not overclocking. You could upgrade it to 3570, but .2 ghz for 1k is a bit heavy. So I would stick to your cpu since your on a strict budget.

    Regarding on your GPU(video card), there is a bottleneck on your gpu from your cpu. Meaning, your video card is not maximizing the capabilities of your cpu. You could still upgrade that video card to have a balanced build. Or you could downgrade you cpu i3 (but I don't prefer this since programs are getting heavier today).

    On your ram, I would prefer getting a dual ram instead of getting just a single stick of 8gb. It would cost you 500 php more but I would still prefer that.

    About your motherboard, You could go to an h77 board if you have a budget. I think it would cost you 1.2k php more. So if you have a tight budget, you could stick to that board since it is still a great board.

    What I would like to change is your PSU, I would go to a better brand, maybe go with psu, Corsair 500watts, PSU, CX, CX500 PHP 2680.00. Even your choice has a higher wattage, I would go to a better brand because you wont even maximize the 500w. your build may only maximize upto 300-400? So I think you could go with a 500w PSU but go with a better brand. You could check this out if you don't want my choice of PSU

    So what I would change would be that ram and PSU. While the cpu and video card and motherboard is okay but could be changed if you could go higher with your budget.
  2. i dont really know much about motherboards i was basing it on this
    i cant see your choice of mb on the list

    what budget MB would support 1600 ram
    is pc hub also located inside gilmore pc center?
    i could go to any store as long as they are inside gilmore

    and can you please include some links i dont mind mixing foxcon with pchub i did check pchub they seem have a lot more psu and other items on their list

    im not in rush to buy them so you could reply to me when you have some time or when you are free
  3. Don't worry much on those lists, it only means those are the products they tested on hand. But it doesn't mean it wont work if it is not on that list.

    Regarding compatibility, you could check the specifications of a motherboard, check the memory area e.g. you'll see what frequencies of ram does it support. What I would say is that, most new motherboards and memory today are compatible with each other, just check the motherboard specifications.

    So about your motherboard and ram, I would prioritize changing your ram rather than your motherboard if your on a strict budget. But if you could change them both, go with a dual ram (2 sticks)
    And go with a h77 board, I'll give you choices from your TPC seller:

    mb lga1155, ASRock H77 Pro 4/MVP (LGA1155) H77, mATX, 2*ddr3 PHP 4300.00
    mb lga1155, Asus P8H77-M LE (LGA1155) H77, mATX, 2*ddr3, by CPU PHP 4290.00

    The asus one is a matx, meaning a smaller board but same chipset. I prefer this one for you since you are not a hardcore PC enthusiast. Or you won't be using more than 1 video card.

    Regarding the PCHub, it is in front of St paul, along lrt. Beside or a building away from Gilmore IT center buiding. But it is still in the same area. Here is the list of their items. Just check out the prices, and go whereever is cheaper and hopefully a better service.

    You could also find the items from foxcon on PCHub because they have more items.

    I prefer buying all the items on the same shop to have a better service Since their price difference is only a little.
  4. after looking at both motherboards the asrock catches my eye with it's design but it looks like that the asus mobo is more powerfull so i will be getting that one. am i right?

    and i will get the Corsair 500watts, PSU, CX, CX500

    now only the ram remains
    which of this should i get?

    Corsair Vengeance (Dual) 2x4gb ddr3 1600 CL9 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) PHP 2420.00

    Crucial Ballistix Elite (Dual) 2x4gb ddr3 1866 Cl9, black (BLE2CP4G3D1869DE PHP 2550.00

    Corsair Vengeance LP (Dual) 2x4gb ddr3 1600 CL9 (CML8GX3M2A1600C9) PHP 2210.00

    G.Skill RipJaws X (Dual) 2x4gb ddr3 1866 CL9 (F3 14900CL9D 8GBXL) PHP 2590.00

    G.Skill Ripjaws X, red 8gb (dual) ddr3 1600 (F3 12800CL9D 8GBXL) CL9 PHP 2180.00

    im thinking about getting the last one since its foxconn
    but the other rams are higher than 1600

    8 gb of ram should be more than enough right??
  5. yes, 8 gb is more than enough. And 1600 is pretty decent already also. You could shell out less cash by buying the 1600 rather than the 1866. Also take note that there are mother boards that don't support 1866, so just in case you would have to use that ram on those motherboard, you would have problems. So I'll just go with 1600 it matches your build. And yes go with the last one because it is the cheapest :D
  6. one final question which is more powerful the ASRock H77 Pro 4/MVP or Asus P8H77-M LE

    since the price gap is only 10 pesos

    also the asus mobo supports 16GB, DDR3 2200(O.C.)/2133(O.C.)/2000(O.C.)/1866(O.C.)/1800(O.C.)/1600/1333 MHz Memory
    Dual Channel Memory Architecture

    does O.C. means the it will support those MHz only on over clock?

    and the asrock Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1600
  7. As I look at both motherboards, the ASRock H77 Pro 4/MVP is better, it is an atx so it is bigger. It also support multi gpu. And more features like support hyperthreading. Asrock is known as a cheaper brand but has competitive boards. So if you're into it, I think it is okay. The asus board is also fine though for your build. It matches the price of the asrock even though it has less features or should I say even though it is a matx h77 board, because of the brand name. So it is up to you, which ever you'll take is good. Asrock for features, Asus for Quality/brand. But I'm not saying Asrock is not a quality brand. I used it too. :D

    About the O.C in the motherboard specs, I'm not really sure, but what I think is it support that frequency and also overclocked ram on that frequency.

    Make sure that the bios of your board is updated (Or maybe you don't need to update it if it is already updated out of the box) because for example, i5 3470 is supported on asrock h77 pro4/mvp on p1.30 version of bios. Meaning, if you bought a board with an unupdated bios, maybe on p1.10. You may have a problem. But just wish that the board you will buy has an updated bios. Don't worry much about this, It is just if ever you encounter a problem.
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  9. thank you for your time and inputs i have no more questions
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